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The 2018 season of Franco Fadda Wine Tours in Tuscany has been Glorious and gave us the chance to meet many beautiful new friend and customers from all around the World, especially from the United States of America or Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zeland and South Africa and of Course Asia and China and Brasil.

We noticed a great interested about red wines especially for the Brunello di Montalcino wine, Chianti Classico and Nobile di Montepulciano.

We noticed our customers being very interested on visiting the province of Siena, interested on our history, architecture, the complete Tuscan back ground and of course organic food, extra virgin olive oil and Tuscan Red Wines.

Our Wine tours in Tuscany starts from the Privince of Siena, we love to introduce our customers used to drink American wines or French  wines to our local style with our personal touch of intimate wine tour in Tuscany style, providing a high quality Wines great intimate lunches at the top Teattoria or Osteria in Tuscany but in 2019 we offer the opportunity to experience the intimate lunch at the winery of Brunello di Montalcino as well.

Many American tourists  ask us about the Supertuscan wines, yes it is possible to visit the Bolgheri Supertuscan Wine area as well!

So we invite you to visit Siena, the city of the Palio, and joining to one of our Wine Tour in Tuscany from Siena.

Available, small group Tuscan Wine Tours or Private Wine Tours in Tuscany from Siena Tours.

Christmas Wine Tours Available as well!!

Happy Christmas Wine Enthusiasts are Welcome to Siena !!

Tuscan for a Day Tour

Beautiful private tour yesterday with Mom and Daughter   from California.

Studying in Florence since January finally her Mom came to visit her, so they decided to spend a Saturday, starting from Siena, in n the Best red wine area in Tuscany which is the Brunello di Montalcino province.

They call me the day before asking for a afternoon wine tour, but I convinced them to choose a full day tour on Saturday, with no rush and unlimited time.

Yesterday Morning I picked them up in the heart of Siena at 8:45 am in the campo Square, Piazza del Campo, the famous square, where twice a year, the 2nd of July and the 16th of August, since the middle age takes place the horse race called Palio.

After a drive around the narrow streets of Siena to show them our beautiful Siena, we left for the tour, driving South  and after few minutes we were already out in the country side where they asked me to stop in the way to take few pictures looking for the best views to capture.

We had a quick stop in a little village on the way called Isola D’Arbia, where a sweet girl Camilla, who runs a local grocery store and every time I have a tour she prepare some organic pecorino Cheese, Tuscan  Bread to offer during the tastings with the extravergin Olive oil and some meat, like Tuscan prosciutto, Porchetta and Salami.

…… to be continued….

Tuscan for a day Tour

Best Wine Tour in Siena

During the season, we have many guests visiting the Province of Siena and Florence, looking for a Day Wine tour, private tour or Small Group Tour, in the Brunello di Montalcino area, or Chianti Classico, or San Gimignano or Nobile di Montepulciano wine area.

I often ask my guests how they found my service, and  some times, they tell me  I was referred by a friend or often they say they found me online, searching for

“ The Best Wine Tour in Siena”.

The Brunello di Montalcino tour is the most common, everyone look for “Brunello di Montalcino” the “Best red wine in Siena and Tuscany”.

But what is the Best Wine Tour in Siena?

With my long Experience offering Wine Tours in Siena area, I realized that my guests need the Tuscan simplicity, human touch by a local, the tour does not have to be too technical but have to offer the all the informations in order to offer a full day wine Class and give them the chance to make them feel Tuscan for a day, friends giving them more then wine tour.

Great Tuscan Lunch, wine and top food, only organic, this will please our guests,  sharing the experience with other  guests from different nationalities, but normally Americans.

This is an example of “ the Best Wine Tour in Siena “.

The price of the Tour might be an issue, but considering the top quality of our lunch, the unlimited time and the quality of the service we think to be competitive.

Come and Experience our Brunello di Montalcino wine Tour, Our Chianti Classico wine and Medieval Castles tour and the Val d’Orcia tour and Nobile di Montepulciano with the visit of the World Wide Famouse spot, where Ridley Scott made Tuscany famous with the movie “The Gladiator”.

Brunello di Montalcino Tour 2016

Brunello Tour Detailed Program

Franco Fadda Wine Tours focus on the quality of the tour rather than the number of wineries.   We prefer to offer you quality time at each winery, instead of rushing to the next appointment.  This way you can experience the process of wine making, tasting and the essence of the winery.

In our experience with tours, the more wineries you have the more possibility for lesser quality, rushed feeling and miscommunications with our guests and their expectations.

When we arrive in the area of Montalcino, Franco is happy to stop at any place along the way that you request for taking pictures and/or asking about history of the area and stories about the area to enhance your experience.

The itinerary includes arriving at the first winery between 10:30 -11:00 am.  Please note that this is an estimation, which depends on the number of guests and their promptness to the meeting place to the actual time of departure from Sienna.  We encourage all guests to arrive early.

During the tour of each winery we are promised a complete visit of the wine cellar, and the opportunity to meet the wine producer (sometimes there may be a conflict due to wine producer’s work schedule).  We will give you all the information about the winery
and are more than happy to answer all of your questions about the wine production, pruning, training the vines, harvesting, etc.  Depending on the weather, this will include a walk through the vineyards.

The wineries include: Brunello di Montalcino normally produce 3/4 wines, IGT Tuscan Wine, Rosso di Montalcino D.O.C., Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G..  Also available to include in your tour is a stop at an olive grove where they produce the Extra Virgin
Olive Oil in the region.

Like all the red wines in Montalcino, based on the San Giovese grape, many wineries produce Honey and Rose Wine, which we provide more information on this wine in our tours.

After the first wine tasting we proceed to a local Osteria for a delightful and traditional Tuscan lunch. It is also possible to have lunch at the winery where they can also pair their wines with the food-often cooked by a member of the family.  This lunch is always a favorite of our guests, as it gives a chance to take in the countryside, wine, flavors of the food and conversation-what Italians love to do!  If you’d like to omit the lunch, we can head straight to the second winery for another magical and spectacular experience.

If you love the wine that you are tasting, you can purchase and ship it directly from the winery.  They will provide private ensured shipping.

Nobile di Montepulciano Tour 2016

Hey there!

Here some Pictures of our New Tour of Nobile di Montepulciano 2016.

The Tour starts from your accomodation in Siena  and includes a beautiful drive trough the Orcia Valley, the opportunity to stop on the way and take beautiful pictures of the most famous country  spots in  Tuscany.

The visit of 2 prestigious  wineries of Nobile di Montepulciano wine and a special lunch in a local farmhouse where  will cook for you a great tuscan lunch, like at home!

The visit of the Village of Montepulciano, for some shopping, pictures  or meeting the local artisans, or why not,  another glass of Tuscan Wine!

What are you waiting for!

Just book it!

Nobile di Montepulciano

Poderi Boscarelli

Val d'Orcia Cypress



Extravirgin Olive Oil

Every year in Tuscany Italians harvest the extra virgin olive oil from the middle of October to November even to mid-December depending on the rain and amount of sunshine during the growing season.  This is a very beautiful time of year on the countryside and the process is very interesting.  There are week long celebrations at many of the farms as everyone comes together to harvest the olives.

The reason the olive oil in the Tuscan region is so famous is that it has a higher polyphenol level.  This give the famous peppery and “green-just cut grass” flavor.
Our farmers must pick the grapes before the winter freeze.  The olives are still green and purple, which gives the oil a more pungent taste.

There are many varieties of olives in Tuscany, such as Morale, Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolio, Maurino, Morale and Taggiasca.

Deciding when to pick the olives is vital to the quality of the oil.  If picked too soon or late will influence the acidity of the oil.  For instance, Extra Virgin Olive Oil must have the acidity level of less than one percent.  When it’s time to harvest the crop, the olives are hand picked, washed and within 24-48 hours the whole olive is crushed into a pulp by a stone mill or grinder.  “First cold pressing” is when the pulp is pressed using a traditional wooden or modern hydraulic press  Also, a cold press is when the pulp is processed at a temperature of below 27 degrees.

So much work goes into the olive oil harvest and production.  Depending on how large the farm is will depend on the price of the oil-the boutique oils are always more expensive, but have the most unique taste.  Italy is very strict with the labeling the designation to ensure quality of the region.  When buying Italian/Tuscan olive oil, make sure that the bottle has a designation of origin labels (DOP) and for the region of Chianti  (Tuscan region) the denomination of controlled origin (DOC).

Olive oil harvesting is as an important ritual in Tuscany.  Italy is known for its agriturismo art and culinary culture through out the country. However, there is something a little more special and magical in the Tuscan region that steals the hearts and souls of all her visitors.  The vistas, architect, history and food have a higher standard held by its inhabitants.  Come visit the region and find out why it’s one of the top destinations in the world!  Franco Fadda Wine Tour Experience offers tours through the olive oil production farms, as well as our wine tours.

Contact us to schedule your tour!

Hello Tuscany!

Franco Wine Tour Experience

Hello World!

Restarting the Season  2016!

We are happy to restart the “Be Tuscan for a Day Season 2016”

We like to offer our clients the chance to experience a day in one of the famous Tuscan Wine Regions offering the chance to feel like one of us, like a local like tuscan for a day..

We are based in the province of Siena, in the heart of Tuscany, no more then an hour drive from any wine region, the most comfortable location for you to start  for a Tuscan Wine Tour

During the tour of each winery we are promised a complete visit of the wine cellar, and the opportunity to meet the wine producer and  more than happy to answer all of your questions about the wine production, pruning, training the vines, harvesting, obviously  we will walk in the vineyard, if the weather permits

During our tours, when is possible, we like to offer the lunch at the winery.. this lunch is alway the favourite of our guests, as it gives a chance of flavors of the food and conversation, very common in Italy .

Choose one of our Tours!!



Franco Fadda