Chianti Classico tour 2019

Even Chianti Classico wine tour will be full of surprises this year

As always for the high class service that we like to offer the private pick up at the hotel in Siena all included on the price.

We offer the visit of a Castle winery, a Medieval Castle of the 1100 AD where our guests will learn the a bit of the creepy legend Tuscan legend of 400 years of War between Siena and Florence.

A great variety of wines will be served at the castle from a rose and white wine to the Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, plus food pairing and extra virgin olive oil as well.

Our lunch will be very special, private chef at the winery a house where the first document dates 1464 AD.

The tasting this time will be during the lunch all cooked by the owner tasting the real Tuscany

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