Snow Tour in Siena, Tuscany

We have just woken up with a pleasant surprise this morning of February.

A cold breeze with a white sky and the is going to promise some snow flakes pretty soon, in fact in few hours the Tuscan hills around my house on the South of Siena is covered of soft white blanket of snow.

The snow in around siena is not so common, so when it happens is gives us the chance to enjoy Tuscany in a different way, so we all try to capture the the landscapes with memorable pictures thinking to be professional photographers!

However we are not used to the snow so few problem, because Siena was builted on a hill and when it snows is impossible to drive down town and even walking becomes a problem, but the country around us is too beautiful for missing a day walking and capturing some scene that looks unreal.

Snow tours in Tuscany??

Why not !

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