Wine & Vinil

Wine & Vinil is my new space where I want to tell you about my musical passions. I studied guitar and I grew up on bread, wine and rock’n roll. Every now and then in this column I will tell you about my feelings, about the music I listen to, that was important to me and that is the soundtrack of my days, on tour for wineries in the great heart of Tuscany. Today for the first episode I will talk about the most famous guitar riff in the world. Every child who has picked up a guitar has tried to do it on E Bass, even Ritchie Blackmore has never realized how those 7 notes have become an icon for all rock guitarists. At least for once we saw the smoke on the water and my advice today is to listen to the double live version Made in Japan: unanimously considered the best live in the history of music. recorded by the one who would later become the producer of Iron Maiden, Martin Birch, with an 8-track recorder, behind the stage of Deep Purple in Osaka. A curiosity for someone: the concerts of Deep Purple in Japan were opened by an Italian band: the Premiata Forneria Marconi.

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