The rooftop concert – january 30, 1969

January 30, 1969: three years after the last disastrous performance at the Candlestick park in S. Francisco, the Beatles greet each other, and greet the world, for the last time together live. The occasion is the documentary Get Back, which should have documented the creative phase of the Fab Four, but that was turning into their painful and now inviting epitaph. Then the four decided for a last time together. And after many discarded ideas, the morning decided to set up the audio service and video footage on the roof of the headquarters of their Apple Corps, at No. 3 of Savile Row in London. 45 minutes of intense live, aided by Billy Preston’s black keyboards, which rose to the glory of 5th Beatle. For a moment the sparkle of the Beatles shone again, only to finally go out in a few days.

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