Tuscan for a Day Tour

Beautiful private tour yesterday with Mom and Daughter   from California.

Studying in Florence since January finally her Mom came to visit her, so they decided to spend a Saturday, starting from Siena, in n the Best red wine area in Tuscany which is the Brunello di Montalcino province.

They call me the day before asking for a afternoon wine tour, but I convinced them to choose a full day tour on Saturday, with no rush and unlimited time.

Yesterday Morning I picked them up in the heart of Siena at 8:45 am in the campo Square, Piazza del Campo, the famous square, where twice a year, the 2nd of July and the 16th of August, since the middle age takes place the horse race called Palio.

After a drive around the narrow streets of Siena to show them our beautiful Siena, we left for the tour, driving South  and after few minutes we were already out in the country side where they asked me to stop in the way to take few pictures looking for the best views to capture.

We had a quick stop in a little village on the way called Isola D’Arbia, where a sweet girl Camilla, who runs a local grocery store and every time I have a tour she prepare some organic pecorino Cheese, Tuscan  Bread to offer during the tastings with the extravergin Olive oil and some meat, like Tuscan prosciutto, Porchetta and Salami.

…… to be continued….

Tuscan for a day Tour

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