Nobile di Montepulciano Wine Tour

Day Tour/Lunch/Two Wineries

8:30 AMFrom Siena or Hotel in Area

This tour features the San Giovese Grape! It’s grown in Montepulciano and has been grown in this area in the sandy and alluvial soil, since the 1500’s. It has and does to this day produce a unique wine called Vino Nobile. The translation “Noble Wine” and is one one of the most famous Italian DOCG, denomination of the wine.

You will be picked up in the morning at your hotel or other location in or near Siena. Approximately one hour away from Siena the tour will stop at the first winery where the wine maker will be waiting to personally escort you on a tour. The visit will include the tour of the wine cellars with the explanation of the wine making and its history. The tour will continue outside as you walk in the vineyard to their wine tasting area. We’ve added a bonus as you will have the opportunity to taste the winery’s olive oil production too!

Following the wine tasting, we will visit the town of Montepulciano and have lunch at a pre-selected restaurant that serves local fare.

After lunch, there will be another visit to a winery in the region and conclude the trip driving through the Valley of Orcia and finally back to our destination in Siena.

Chianti Classico Tour 2019

Chianti Classico 

Day Tour

Explore the heart of the Chianti Classico region south of Florence to the north of Siena, while visiting the wonders of the area and tasting its wines. You will come to understand the concept of terroir, and learn how Chianti Classico is made. Distinguish the characteristics of the main grape varieties, and much more….
Chianti & CastlesDay Tour w/Lunch
Tour the beautiful Chianti Classico area and learn about the evolution of the wine industry from the Middle Ages to modern day wine making. Wonder through a Medieval Castle as you absorb the rich history and drink the rich wine.We choose the most beautiful views with select wineries. Pleasing not only to your palate, but to your mind, as you learn about the area’s vast history, traditions, culinary specialties and wines.
A local Trattoria will prepare the freshest farm food from the area. Vegetarians, vegans or any allergies-no problem, the meal can be customized to accommodate your preferences.  You will have a lasting impression of this tour and culinary experience.

Chianti Classico tour 2019

Even Chianti Classico wine tour will be full of surprises this year

As always for the high class service that we like to offer the private pick up at the hotel in Siena all included on the price.

We offer the visit of a Castle winery, a Medieval Castle of the 1100 AD where our guests will learn the a bit of the creepy legend Tuscan legend of 400 years of War between Siena and Florence.

A great variety of wines will be served at the castle from a rose and white wine to the Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, plus food pairing and extra virgin olive oil as well.

Our lunch will be very special, private chef at the winery a house where the first document dates 1464 AD.

The tasting this time will be during the lunch all cooked by the owner tasting the real Tuscany


Secular cypress at the Ville di Corsano (Siena)

A Tuscan wine tour is always an great experience, but it is not easy embrace all the beauties in few hours on the same day.

So , I would call it discovering the country side becoming Tuscan for a day , not just visiting wineries, but driving through
the unbeaten path , realizing that Tuscany and Siena have a love of sweet places to offer.

Farmhouses, breath taking views, admiring the landscapes in the sometimes incredible silence,
when only the sound of the branches of the olive and cypress trees can distract you from feeling
free and happy to be in Tuscany.

This is the area where I was born and I still live, our passion for a simple life but still today I love to discover new spots with my guests during a wine tour…

Snow Tour in Siena, Tuscany

We have just woken up with a pleasant surprise this morning of February.

A cold breeze with a white sky and the is going to promise some snow flakes pretty soon, in fact in few hours the Tuscan hills around my house on the South of Siena is covered of soft white blanket of snow.

The snow in around siena is not so common, so when it happens is gives us the chance to enjoy Tuscany in a different way, so we all try to capture the the landscapes with memorable pictures thinking to be professional photographers!

However we are not used to the snow so few problem, because Siena was builted on a hill and when it snows is impossible to drive down town and even walking becomes a problem, but the country around us is too beautiful for missing a day walking and capturing some scene that looks unreal.

Snow tours in Tuscany??

Why not !

The rooftop concert – january 30, 1969

January 30, 1969: three years after the last disastrous performance at the Candlestick park in S. Francisco, the Beatles greet each other, and greet the world, for the last time together live. The occasion is the documentary Get Back, which should have documented the creative phase of the Fab Four, but that was turning into their painful and now inviting epitaph. Then the four decided for a last time together. And after many discarded ideas, the morning decided to set up the audio service and video footage on the roof of the headquarters of their Apple Corps, at No. 3 of Savile Row in London. 45 minutes of intense live, aided by Billy Preston’s black keyboards, which rose to the glory of 5th Beatle. For a moment the sparkle of the Beatles shone again, only to finally go out in a few days.

Wine & Vinil

Wine & Vinil is my new space where I want to tell you about my musical passions. I studied guitar and I grew up on bread, wine and rock’n roll. Every now and then in this column I will tell you about my feelings, about the music I listen to, that was important to me and that is the soundtrack of my days, on tour for wineries in the great heart of Tuscany. Today for the first episode I will talk about the most famous guitar riff in the world. Every child who has picked up a guitar has tried to do it on E Bass, even Ritchie Blackmore has never realized how those 7 notes have become an icon for all rock guitarists. At least for once we saw the smoke on the water and my advice today is to listen to the double live version Made in Japan: unanimously considered the best live in the history of music. recorded by the one who would later become the producer of Iron Maiden, Martin Birch, with an 8-track recorder, behind the stage of Deep Purple in Osaka. A curiosity for someone: the concerts of Deep Purple in Japan were opened by an Italian band: the Premiata Forneria Marconi.

Orcia Valley – Tour in Tuscany – Siena

Another option in 2019 is the Val ‘Orcia Tour, a great opportunity to mix to a Wine Tour in Tuscany.

The symbol of the Orcia Valley is the group of Cypress on the side of the Cassia road that on the way to Rome offers us breath taking views and historical site to visit, like the Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta, the Village San Quirico d’ Orcia, Pienza, Monticchiello, Bagno Vignoni and on the way back to Siena is also possible to stop and taking the pictures of the road where the movie “The Gladiator” was filmed.

This can be a country tour or a tour based on beautiful views and pictures even for professionist, but can also added to a Nobile di Montepulciano wine tour, or a mix of a Brunello di Montalcino tour being one of the most beautiful valley of Tuscany, definitely the most famous one, offers also the chance to visit cheese farms, tastings of extra virgin olive oils, truffles and being in between the region of Montepulciano on the South East and Montalcino is also possible enjoy those wines.

The best period to visit is the spring time, from April to the end of May or in the middle of September, when is common to start the harvest of the grapes.

We invite you to our Tuscan Country Food and Wine Tour Experience !

Wine tour in Tuscany Volterra and Cheese Farm 2

This is the second part of the Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Volterra, we still have to tell you how the tour in Volterra.

After a relaxing drive from San Gimignano, at about 2 pm we arrived to Lischeto, right after Volterra a beautiful unusual entrance but soon we met the a nice lady and she walked us to the dining room where they already prepared our appetizers, their different kind of Pecorino cheese, different kind of Prosciutto, salame toscano, finocchiona, capocollo, fonduta of Pecorino cheese, different kind of salads beautiful settings in front of a huge fireplace; they served a good table wine produced at the farm with the mean course Pappardelle with wild boar ragu, and dessert a tiramisu with ship milk instead mascarpone.

After the lunch we went to Volterra for a nice walk discovering the town, the city of Volterra is very interesting since it is easy to see buildings from the Etruscans, to the Romans, Middle age and Renaissance, from the 1300 to the 1700, so from the 500 BC untill the untill the middle ot the 1800.

So we walked back to the car admiring a breath taking sunset.


Wine Tour in Tuscany San Gimignano Wine Tour & Volterra

I am happy to present the new Tour for the 2019, San Gimignano and Volterra tour, Tuscan for a day Style.

Good start of the season in January with my 2 friends and clients from Georgia that after a Brunello di Montalcino tour on Saturday I improvised a tour of San Gimignano and Volterra!

We started the day at 8:30 am with some clouds but the day got better as soon as we parked the New Van in San Gimignano and we walked around.

San Gimignano is very quite in January so was very relaxing walking through the medieval town enjoying the sunny breathtaking morning landscapes and giving them the chance to have a little shopping.

We visited Piazza della Cisterna, where they made some purchases at Furla shop, so we walked to the Rocca di Montestaffoli, first and the last fortification of the town during the medieval fights; they could take pictures of Certaldo and 360 degrees around San Gimignano.

Before lunch we had a wine tasting at Podere La Marronaia, a small family farm of Producers of Vernaccia di San Gimignano, but even a excellent Chianti Classico, Supertuscans and Extravirgin olive oils.

The family gave us a warm Welcome hosting us they also offered us some snacks during the tastings.